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Desktop: how to open bank account online for free with Wise

How To Open Bank Account Online For Free With Wise

Wise is a London-based financial technology company founded by Estonian businessmen Kristo Kaarmann and Taavet Hinrikus in January 2011.

After you register successfully, you will get an account like below screenshot. If you did not register yet, you can Register here.

Please click on Get started to set up your bank account. If you use mobile phone, please follow this article: how to open bank account online for free with Wise.

1. Click on Let’s go

2. Choose Personal account

3. Fill your information and then click confirm

4. Open a balance in US dollar and click confirm again

open account USD.png

5. Click on Get account detail for your USD balance

6. This step requires you to add money to your account

Note : It’s not fee for creating account. you will be able to use this money once it’s there.

add money to get account detail.png

7. The below is the method that you can add money to your account. Please choose Debit card and click Continue to payment

8. Fill your visa card information and click on Pay 20 USD

9. To secure your payment, they will send you the security code to your email or phone number to make sure you’re owner of this Visa card.

10. After you get the security code, please input here and then click Next

11. The last step requires you to send your identity card and selfies via your phone. Please open your phone camera and scan QR code below. After you finish sending your document, they will tell you to come back to finish this step.

last step verify identity.png

If Wise approves your documents, you get the mail like below :

If they don’t approve your documents, you will get the email like below to resend it again.

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