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Mobile: How to open bank account online for free with Wise

How To Open Bank Account Online For Free With Wise

In a previous article, we’ve already wrote how to open bank account online for free with Wise. It’s for those who use computer. And for those who use mobile, please follow this article.

1. Go to website, and the click Register

2. Choose account type as Personal


3. After you click Sign up and see this page, please close it first.


4. Click on Open Balance


5. after you click on Open Balance, you will get the below page and the click Let’s go


6. Fill out the following form completely and the click Confirm

7. Choose currency that you want to open balance with and then click Confirm


8. Click on Account Detail


9. Click on Get account detail


10. The below page requires you to send verification code to your phone number to verify you are own account.


11. After you get the verification code from your phone, please input that code here:


12. After they verify you’re owner of this account, they require you to deposit some money into your account.

Note : It’s not fee for creating account. you will be able to use this money once it’s there.


13. There are many methods that allow you to deposit money to your account.


14. We will get the below screenshot as we choose deposit via Visa Debit card. Please fill out the following form with your information of your Visa card.


15. After you successfully deposit, they will ask you to take photo of your identity card / driver license and selfies.

If Wise approves your documents, you get the mail like below :

And if they don’t approve your documents, you will get mail like below to resend it again.

15. When wise approve your document, you will get account detail like below screenshot:


If Wise does not approve your document, you will see like below screenshot:


To find your account detail, please follow below screenshot:

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